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Carlos Sérgio Chiattone - FCM of Santa Casa de São Paulo and Hospital Samaritano - SP

Organizing Committee

Jorge Vaz Pinto Neto - Cettro (Centro de Câncer de Brasília)

Natalia Zing - BP A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo

Talita Silveira - AC Camargo Cancer Center

Thais Fisher - AC Camargo Cancer Center



Alexander Fossa

Oslo University Hospital

Alan Skarbnik

Novant Health Cancer Institute

Andrés J. M. Ferreri

IRCCS San Raffaele Scientific Institute

Andrew Davies

Southampton NCRI/CR UK Experimental Cancer Medicines Centre

Andrew M. Evens

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Tam Constantine

The University of Melbourne

Christopher P Fox

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Craig Moskowitz

University of Miami Health System

Emanuele Zucca

IOSI/ Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland

Eva Domingo

Institut Català d'Oncologia

Georg Hess

Johannes Gutenberg University

Jacqueline C. Barrientos

Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Jan Burger

MD Anderson Cancer Center

John Leonard

Weill Cornell Medicine

Jonathan Friedberg

University of Rochester Medical Center

Kate Cwynarski

University College London Hispitals - UCLH

Kerry Savage

University of British Columbia

Mark Roschewski

National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

Martin Hutchings

The Finsen Centre, National Hospital

Massimo Federico

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Michael Wang

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Owen O’ Connor

University of Virginia Cancer Center

Paolo Ghia

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele

Peter Hillmen

St James's University Hospital

Rafael Gaiolla

Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu – UNESP

Renato Cunha

Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto – USP

S. Vincent Rajkumar

Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Stefano Luminari

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Vanderson Rocha

Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo - USP e Fundação Pró-Sangue Hemocentro de São Paulo.



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    International speakers’ lectures will be subtitled.

    The Live sessions of Questions and Answers will rely on simultaneous translation (English/Portuguese).
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        Title Speaker
    13:30 13:45 Opening President ABHH:
    Dante Langhi Jr. (São Paulo, SP)
    President BLC:
    Carlos Sérgio Chiattone (São Paulo, SP)
    13:45 14:30 Session 1: Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
    13:45 13:50 Introduction Moderator:
    Daniel Tabak (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    13:50 14:10 High-risk Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma: Is there anything definitively better than R-CHOP? Speaker:
    Christopher Fox (Nottingham, UK)
    14:10 14:30 Which is the best second-line option for patients NOT eligible for transplant? Speaker:
    Andrew Davies (Southampton, UK)
    14:30 15:15 Session 2: High-Grade Lymphomas
    14:30 14:35 Introduction Moderator:
    Nelson Spector (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    14:35 14:55 Is DA-EPOCH-R the best option for Primary Mediastinal Lymphoma? Do we still need radiotherapy for consolidation? Speaker:
    Kerry Savage (Vancouver, CA)
    14:55 15:15 Burkitt Lymphoma in adults: “Is there a standard treatment?” Speaker:
    Mark Roschewski (Bethesda, USA)
    15:15 16:00 Session 3: Lymphomas & CNS
    15:15 15:20 Introduction Moderator:
    Talita Silveira (São Paulo, SP)
    15:20 15:40 Primary CNS Lymphoma: What is new for 2021? Speaker:
    Andrés Ferreri (Milão, IT)
    15:40 16:00 How to define risk and how to perform prophylaxis for secondary CNS infiltration? Speaker:
    Kate Cwynarski (Londres, UK)
    16:00 16:15 Break
    16:15 17:05 Questions & Answers Live Participants: Speakers and Moderators of the Sessions 1, 2 and 3
    17:05 17:15 Break
    17:15 18:00 Corporate Symposium Roche * - The future of 1L DLBCL treatment: a chat with experts Experts:
    Andrew Davies (Southampton, UK)
    Samir Kanaan Nabhan (Curitiba, PR)
    18:00 18:15 Break
    18:15 19:00 Corporate Symposium Zodiac * - The role of the BTKi in RR setting of Mantle Cell Lymphoma treatment Chairman:
    Celso Arrais (São Paulo, SP)
    Speaker: Tam Constantine   (Melbourne, AUS)
        Title Speaker
    13:30 14:15 Corporate Symposium * – Janssen
    Current and future approaches for R/R MCL treatment
    Georg Hess (Mainz, Alemanha)
    14:15 14:30 Break
    14:30 15:15 Corporate Symposium * – Astrazeneca
    Unraveling the Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma
    Carlos Sérgio Chiattone (São Paulo, SP)
    Celso Arrais (São Paulo, SP)
    Alan Skarbnik (Charlotte, EUA)
    15:15 15:30 Break
    15:30 16:15 Session 4: Marginal Zone Lymphoma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma
    15:30 15:35 Introduction Moderator:
    Rony Schaffel (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    15:35 15:55 MALT Lymphoma: lessons learned from the "International Extranodal Lymphoma Study Group” Speaker:
    Emanuele Zucca (Bellinzona, CH)
    15:55 16:15 Novel Therapies for Mantle Cell Lymphoma Post 2020 Speaker:
    Michael Wang (Houston, USA)
    16:15 17:00 Session 5: Follicular Lymphoma
    16:15 16:20 Introduction Moderator:
    Adriana Scheliga (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    16:20 16:40 Deciding on Rituximab versus Obinutuzumab for Follicular Lymphoma Speaker:
    Jonathan Friedberg (Rochester, USA)
    16:40 17:00 Which is the best approach in R/R Follicular Lymphoma? Speaker:
    John P. Leonard (New York, USA)
    17:00 17:30 Corporate Symposium  - Bristol*
    What do I need to know to manage lenalidomide in indolent Lymphomas?
    John P. Leonard
    (New York, USA)
    17:30 17:40 Break
    17:40 18:00 Questions & Answers Live Participants:
    Speakers and Moderators of the Sessions 4 and 5
    18:00 18:15 Break
    18:15 19:15 Corporate Symposium  – Takeda*
    5-year follow-up: Echelon-1 & Echelon-2
    Carlos Sérgio Chiattone (São Paulo, SP)
    18:15 18:35 ECHELON-1 5y follow-up Speaker:
    Martin Hutchings (Copenhagen, DK)
    18:35 18:55 ECHELON-2 5y follow-up Speaker:
    Eva Domingo (Barcelona, ES)
    18:55 19:15 Questions & Answers
    19:15 19:30 Break
    19:30 20:45 Launch Symposium MSD * - The first Anti-PD1 approved in Brazil for Refractory or Relapsed CHL after the first line treatment. Speakers:
    Otavio Baiocchi (São Paulo, SP)
    Guilherme Perini (São Paulo – SP)
    Adriana Scheliga (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    19:30 19:40 Opening/ Immunotherapy: New treatment paradigm Speaker:
    Otávio Baiocchi (São Paulo, SP)
    19:40 19:55 Keytruda: New treatment standard for Relapsed or Refractory CHL (Clinical Case KN204) Speaker:
    Guilherme Perini (São Paulo, SP)
    19:55 20:10 Quality of life, safety profile, and treatment management with Immunotherapy in the clinical practice Speaker:
    Adriana Scheliga (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    20:10 20:30 From specialist to specialist – Hot Topics of immunotherapy Speaker:All
    20:30 20:35 Final Remarks
        Title Speaker
    13:30 14:15 Corporate Symposium – Libbs*  Perspective on DLBCL and FL treatment: What is the future of rituximab in R/R disease? Speaker:
    Guilherme Perini (São Paulo, SP)
    14:15 14:25 Break
    14:25 15:05 Session 6: CAR T-cell Therapy for Lymphomas
    14:25 14:30 Introduction Moderator:
    Samir Kannan Nabhan (Curitiba,PR)
    14:30 14:50 CAR T-cell Therapy: The current scenario in Brazil Speaker:
    Renato Cunha (Ribeirão Preto, SP)
    14:50 15:10 CAR T-cell Therapy versus ASCT for R/R B-cell NHL Palestrante:
    Vanderson Rocha (São Paulo, SP)
    15:10 15:55 Session 7: Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma
    15:10 15:15 Introduction Moderator:
    Carlos Sérgio Chiattone (São Paulo, SP)
    15:15 15:35 PTCL Relapsed/Refractory: are we improving? Speaker:
    Owen O’Connor (Charlottesville, USA)
    15:35 15:55 Lessons from the International T-cell Project 2.0 Speaker:
    Massimo Federico (Modena, IT)
    15:55 16:10 Break
    16:10 16:35 Questions & Answers Live Participants:
    Speakers and Moderators of the Sessions 6 and 7
    16:35 17:20 Session 8: Hodgkin Lymphoma
    16:35 16:40 Introduction Moderador:
    Otavio Baiocchi (São Paulo, SP)
    16:40 17:00 Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment: when is less good enough? Speaker:
    Martin Hutchings (Copenhagen, DK)
    17:00 17:20 New Strategies to optimize the Outcomes in R/R Hodgkin Lymphomas Speaker:
    Craig Moskowitz (Miami, USA)
    17:20 18:05 Session 9: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (1 st part)
    17:20 17:25 Introduction Moderator:
    Guilherme Perini (São Paulo, SP)
    17:25 17:45 Options for a High-Risk patient requiring first-line therapy Speaker:
    Jan Burger (Houston, USA)
    17:45 18:05 How should we sequence and combine novel therapies in CLL? Speaker:
    Jacqueline Barrientos (Nova York, USA)
    18:05 18:15 Break
    18:15 18:45 Questions & Answers Live Participants:
    Speakers and Moderators of the Sessions 8 and 9
    18:50 19:00 Break
    19:00 19:45 Corporate Symposium - Janssen *
    Biological insights in high risk CLL
    Jan Burger (Houston, US)
        Title Speaker
    09:00 09:45 Corporate Symposium - Abbvie *
    09:00 09:05 Welcome Moderator:
    Carlos Sérgio Chiattone (São Paulo -SP)
    09:05 09:35 CLL R/R updates Speaker:
    Peter Hillmen (Leeds, UK)
    09:35 09:45 Questions & Answers
    09:45 10:00 Break
    10:00 10:45 Session 10: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (2 nd part)
    10:00 10:05 Introduction Moderator:
    Celso Arrais (São Paulo, SP)
    10:05 10:25 Fixed Duration Therapy (MRD-based) versus continuous therapy for CLL: how to choose Speaker:
    Peter Hillmen (Leeds, UK)
    10:25 10:45 Targeted therapies in CLL: mechanisms of resistance and strategies for management Speaker:
    Paolo Ghia (Milão, IT)
    10:45 11:30 Session 11: Lymphoproliferative Disorders: Challenges in elderly patients
    10:45 10:50 Introduction Moderator:
    Jorge Vaz Pinto Neto (Brasília, DF)
    10:50 11:10 How to manage DLBCL in elderly patients? Speaker:
    Stefano Luminari (Modena, IT)
    11:10 11:30 What should we know about managing older patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma? Speaker:
    Andrew Evens (Nova Jersey, USA)
    11:30 12:15 Session 12: Emerging situations that accompany Lymphomas
    11:30 11:35 Introduction Moderator:
    Jayr Schmidt Filho (São Paulo, SP)
    11:35 11:55 Castleman Disease Speaker:
    Alexander Fossa (Oslo, NO)
    11:55 12:15 Hematophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (Hematophagocytic Syndrome) Speaker:
    Rafael Gaiolla (Botucatu, SP)
    12:15 12:30 Break
    12:30 13:20 Questions & Answers Live Participants:
    Speakers and Moderators of the Sessions 10, 11 and 12
    13:20 13:30 Break
    13:30 14:25 Magna Conference
    13:30 13:35 Introduction Moderator:
    Carmino Antonio de Souza (SP)
    13:35 14:15 The high cost of drugs: Causes and solutions Speaker:
    Vincent Rajkumar (Rochester, USA)
    14:15 14:25 Questions & Answers Live Participants:
    Carmino Antonio de Souza (Campinas, SP)
    Vincent Rajkumar (Rochester, US)
    Carlos Chiattone (São Paulo, SP)
    14:25 14:30 Closing Remarks President BLC:
    Carlos Sérgio Chiattone (São Paulo, SP)

    * The content of the Corporate Symposia is for prescribers only, following ANVISA Resolution RDC96 / 2008.



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